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How Scalable Search Technology Supported a Leading Manufacturer’s 42% Growth

Posted by Mabel Ng on March 26, 2015

SunGard Public Sector Uses CoveoPöttinger is a family-owned manufacturer of high quality agricultural machinery for use in tillage, drilling and harvesting.

Since the company began using Coveo in 2007, its workforce has grown by 42%. The company now has over 1500 employees working out of several manufacturing sites in Europe, and sales locations in 13 countries. Pöttinger’s IT team has been able to keep both the company’s growing workforce happy and information access-related costs in check, thanks to the scalable Coveo search solution that connects Pöttinger’s workers with all the information they need, across the company’s information ecosystem. Read more and comment »

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How SunGard Public Sector Offers Effortless Self-Service with Search

Posted by Mabel Ng on March 16, 2015

SunGard Public Sector Uses CoveoValuing customers’ time is the most important thing a company can do to provide good customer service. One company that constantly strives to deliver this type of timely service is SunGard Public Sector, a division of SunGard Data Systems and leading provider of software solutions and consulting services for the public and nonprofit sectors.

When leaders at SunGard realized that its customers, support agents, and knowledge workers often had to spend extra time and effort looking in multiple repositories to find answers to a solution or information for a task, improving search and information access became a corporate priority. Read more and comment »

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Customer Service Trends Part 3: Embrace the Ecosystem of Record

Posted by Eric Courville on March 10, 2015

ecosystem of recordOne of the biggest barriers to support agent proficiency is poor access to case-resolving knowledge. Information is everywhere, often in fragments across an ecosystem of enterprise applications, databases, and knowledge streams. For example, tech support agents at high-tech companies routinely need to access between five and 20 different applications to provide assisted support.

Recognizing that information is everywhere, innovative support leaders have also realized that a single knowledgebase can never contain all relevant information that agents and customers need. Instead, they are turning to search-based apps to reach across the ecosystem of record to empower agents with dynamic, contextual, and predictive access to information that helps them solve cases quickly. Read more and comment »

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