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5 Ways Service and Support Leaders Can Get Value from Dreamforce ‘15

Posted by Rick Bauer on July 28, 2015

dreamforce-blog-post-thumbnailWhether you’re still flirting with the idea of attending, or you already have your tickets and are a seasoned Dreamforce veteran, the Salesforce team is planning a great event. And there’s a lot of value for service and support leaders! Dreamforce is a big event – with lots going on – so here are five ways service and support leaders can get value from the experience.

  1. Learn best practices and techniques that your team can put to use now, and key strategies that can drive your roadmap for years to come. Among the over 1,500 sessions at Dreamforce are hundreds of sessions dedicated to customer service and support best practices, strategies, and hands-on training, including:
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The cloud spins faster than the earth…and we all learn in the moment of need

Posted by Diane Berry on June 29, 2015

thumbnail-press-twitter-cloud-launch-01Remember when you were a kid, lying on your back in the grass, staring up at the sky and seeing the clouds move? It always made me dizzy! In reality, of course, we all learned that the earth was moving and it was only our perception that the clouds were moving faster. Most likely, a parent, an older sibling or maybe a know-it-all friend explained.

All that has changed…at least in the world of technology. The cloud literally is spinning faster than earth-bound, on-premise software. As my colleague Laurent Simoneau wrote in his blog post, Coveo has joined the ranks of suppliers of cloud-based, mobile-enabled technologies with the announcement of the first, end-to-end, intelligent search as a service for the enterprise. Read more and comment »

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Why We Built Coveo Cloud: Trends & Opportunities

Posted by Laurent Simoneau on June 16, 2015

thumbnail-press-twitter-cloud-launch-01Our mission at Coveo has always been to drive innovation in the field of enterprise search by looking to the future and building the tools we know our customers will need to be successful. That’s why three years ago we decided to bring our secure search technology to the cloud, and build a search-as-a-service offering optimized for the modern enterprise. And this week, I am excited we are announcing the results of this work: Coveo Cloud. I believe it represents the right technology at the right time. Here’s why:

Enterprise Cloud is the New Normal Read more and comment »

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From Product to Outcome: The Digital Transformation of Customer Support

Posted by Colin Beasty on June 8, 2015

Product to Oucome-Tokyo ElectronThe digital transformation is having a profound impact on how businesses engage with customers. Driven by the combination of more competent, digitally literate customers and the digitalized workplace, leading organizations are transitioning from product-driven to outcome-focused support that delivers meaningful customer outcomes.

Today’s digitally native B2B and B2C customers expect not just timely and efficient customer support interactions, but also help accomplishing their goals. They expect the companies they do business with to know them – which products they own, how they use them, along with a complete history of prior interactions. This presents customer service and support organizations with an opportunity to not just solve problems, but drive customer loyalty and satisfaction. But, to do that at scale, you need to inject the right information and expertise at the customer’s moment of need via their channel and/or device of choice. Read more and comment »

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Four Things Your Website Search Should Be Doing

Posted by Marie-Michèle Caron on May 21, 2015

website searchLast week web development expert Amanda Shiga, Digital VP of Nonlinear Creations, joined our conversation around the value and impact of good, intuitive search on a website. Bringing over a decade of expertise in digital marketing, Amanda shared the different options available for site search, and why she believes great search makes a website successful.

As an example, one of her clients, Newfoundland Liquor Corporation, noticed that 50% of its web visitors were using the search function on its website to look for specific products but were not finding what they were looking for. With the help of Nonlinear, Newfoundland Liquor replaced the non-performing site search with Coveo to provide its visitors with a more intuitive search experience and it has been experiencing amazing improvements in website performance since. Read more and comment »

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