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I Have Preferences, Therefore I Am: Embracing Knowledge Diversity With an “Intranet of Everywhere”

Posted by Tucker Hall on June 26, 2014

Intranet of Everywhere EraDuring a webinar last week, we explored how companies have been able to overcome knowledge-access and intranet-adoption challenges by embracing a search-driven “Intranet of Everywhere.” Intranets have seen much evolution in the 20+ years they’ve been around, but one of their core objectives from the start—to connect workers with the knowledge they need, when and how they need it—is rarely achieved even today. Poor knowledge access and “abandoned” intranets are the result.

That’s because traditional intranets do not appreciate the truly dynamic nature of modern work, and the sheer volume, velocity, and variety of knowledge and expertise this new type of work creates. Mobilized, socially networked, and “always on” workers are collaborating and sharing knowledge across a diverse and ever-evolving mix of productivity, messaging, and collaboration tools. Corporate intranets that do not synthesize and analyze these diverse knowledge streams in real-time and enable secure, efficient, and intuitive access to this knowledge will simply not succeed. Read more and comment »

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Coveo for Sitecore: Turning Your Website into a Competitive Advantage

Posted by Tucker Hall on June 4, 2014

Sitecore website personalizationFor many organizations, the website is one of the most important channels to reach and captivate customers throughout their buying journey. And because today’s web visitors are increasingly savvy, empowered, and mobile, in order to succeed companies must ensure that each site visitor has a website experience that is not only engaging, but is also conversational and personal.

And nowhere is this more the case than in how visitors search for—and discover—the content and products a site has to offer. Indeed, intuitive and efficient search capabilities directly impact key website performance metrics, including repeat visitors, page views per visitor, conversion rate, cart size, and CSAT. Read more and comment »

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The Intranet of Everywhere: Rethinking the Conventional Corporate Intranet

Posted by Tucker Hall on May 7, 2014

Intranet of EverywhereThrough your own professional experiences, you know that just because workers have access to a corporate intranet does not necessarily mean they will use it. On the contrary, knowledge workers often have many of their own ways to organize and store information, as well as connect and collaborate with others: on their computer, in the cloud, on a mobile device, in social communities and other media, etc. This is due largely to developments such as “the consumerization of IT” and the Bring Your Own Device movement, which have accelerated the number of these tools and solutions that knowledge workers use in both their professional and personal lives.

Often, intranets–regardless of the platform they’re built on–do not align with how workers today consume and share knowledge because they can’t unify collective knowledge from many disparate ecosystems. This often results in frustration, low adoption, or even complete abandonment of the intranet as a knowledge repository altogether. A 2013 Worldwide Intranet Challenge survey even suggests that 90% of staff don’t regularly contribute to their corporate intranet, and 50% never do. Read more and comment »

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