About C.A. Tremblay

C.A. is Director of HR at Coveo. Since joining the company in 2010 as the first HR employee, he has held multiple positions that helped shape the HR and talent departments of the company. Outside of work, C.A. is the proud father of 2 baby girls, an avid runner and a part-time spinning instructor.

How I became a Sitecore MVP

By C.A. Tremblay
Coveo proudly interviewed two of our very own Sitecore MVPs. Simon Langevin (Left) and Jeff L’Heureux (Right). Coveo’s Jeff L’Heureux and Simon Langevin were recently named Sitecore MVP technologists. This…

Next Stop: Montreal

By C.A. Tremblay
It’s now official and I’ve got to say: we are thrilled! After years growing the company in Quebec City, Amsterdam and San Francisco, Coveo is now heading to Montreal. Over…