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Diane Berry

SVP, Market Strategy

Diane Berry is Senior Vice President of Market Strategy at Coveo. Diane seeks out and analyzes market, industry and economic opportunities for growth; works with the analyst community as well as media; and acts as a spokesperson and industry voice to help organizations understand how to leverage advanced search-based apps to transform the nature of work.

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Sonus Networks Scales for Growth with Enterprise Search-Based Apps

Posted by Diane Berry on February 26, 2015

sonus networks chooses coveoInnovation and scalability are both crucial when companies experience rapid growth, and Sonus Networks, a global leader in enabling and securing real-time communications, knows this firsthand. With a presence that spans nearly 100 countries, Sonus had more than 800 total customers in the fourth quarter of 2014, up almost 40% from the year before. To keep pace with this momentum, Sonus needed to find a partner that would help to transform its service & support operations to handle much higher levels of demand without increasing costs, as its business was transformed.

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Infographic: Easy Does It for Support Leaders

Posted by Diane Berry on February 11, 2015

“To Build Loyalty, Companies Need to Stop Thinking ‘Exceed Expectations’ and Start Thinking ‘Make It Easy’”— so says the Corporate Executive Board and its book, Effortless Customer Experience.

That is never more true than in the world of customer service and support. With multiple forces at work—from the rapid acceleration of cloud to the digital workplace and digital native customers—companies struggle to deliver the types of low-effort, high-quality service experiences that customers no longer just expect but now demand. The risk? Customers leave and service costs grow ever higher. Scalability becomes a dream at best. Read more and comment »

2015 Trendwatch: The Ecosystem of Record

Posted by Diane Berry on January 29, 2015

As 2014 drew to a close, Coveo predicted the five trends that will increase worker and customer proficiency in 2015 via advanced, enterprise search-powered apps. This post kicks of a series of five blogs that will each examine one of the trends and explore the forces behind it.

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2015: Transforming How We Work, via Search

Posted by Diane Berry on January 15, 2015

WhistlerBlogJust as top athletes enter “the flow” when they perform at their best, when everything simply comes together, in 2015 more of us will work “in the flow,” at the top of our abilities, as what we need to upskill and do our best work simply “comes together” for us as we are working–thanks to advanced enterprise search & relevance technology.

Many profound and accelerating workplace changes are converging to make this possible: The digitization of the workplace, “so-lo-mo” digital natives approaching a majority of the workforce, the growing skills shortage, the rapid movement of corporate data to the cloud and importantly, the consumerization of IT and of organizations. Coveo executives look to our customer base, the analyst community, other technology innovations, as well as consumer Internet trends to report what we believe will be the major trends changing how we work, driven by search-based apps in 2015: Read more and comment »