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How Enterprise Search & Relevance Developers are Made: Get Ready for Coveo Blitz!

Posted by Marc Sanfaçon on January 6, 2014

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We’re firm believers that search powers a new generation of knowledge management success. But at the end of the day, what powers our Search & Relevance Technology is our development team, who works the magic of the connectivity and functionality behind our award-winning solutions. It’s a challenging job, and it demands many of the best and brightest within the development community.

Finding and growing developer talent is a process that we take very seriously – but we like to have a bit of fun as well. This is why this week, many talented young technologists will descend upon our Quebec offices for Coveo Blitz, a one-day hacking contest where teams of aspiring computing minds will compete to see who can solve an enterprise search challenge in a creative and effective manner. Past challenges have included tasks like designing a crawler that can index music albums, artists and songs. After eight hours of collaboration and competition, a panel of Coveo experts will evaluate the projects and select a winner. Read more and comment »

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Gilbane Conference 2013: Imperatives for enterprise search success

Posted by Diane Berry on December 3, 2013

The Gilbane Conference kicks off this Tuesday in Boston. In addition to attending the event (Coveo is a sponsor), I’ll also be speaking on a panel about “Strategic Imperatives for Enterprise Search to Succeed.” This topic ties closely to how Coveo works with its customers to ensure the success of their knowledge management initiatives.

In the session, I’ll be joined by fellow panelists Urban Hedström, founder of Findwise, John Felahi, Chief Strategy Officer of Content Analyst Company, LLC, as well as Lynda Moulton, principal at LWM Technology Services, who will be moderating the panel. We’ve worked with Lynda for many years.  Together we will examine the findings of a recent Findwise survey, which uncovered a disconnect between the expectation and execution of enterprise search.

To reach the expectation of your own organization — employees and customers — enterprise search must be leveraged strategically so that the right — meaning relevant — content finds the right person at the right time. Otherwise, the result is irrelevant, and users lose trust.  Our session will ultimately look at the challenges organizations have with their enterprise search strategies, why they have them, and what they can do to ensure that relevant content is found when needed.  I plan to discuss the next evolution of search technologies, where we present that relevant content into the context of the user—whether that user is an employee, a customer, or just a website visitor. Read more and comment »

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Reflections from Dreamforce: Collective Knowledge, Customer Engagement and the Inverted Economy

Posted by Diane Berry on November 21, 2013

Peter Schwartz, the celebrated futurist from Salesforce, spoke Monday at Dreamforce about the relevance of companies that embrace the power of the new “inverted economy.”

Peter pointed out that individuals, not corporations, leveraged by knowledge networks of other customers, employees and partners are the new “market makers.” This is where the pyramid of power inverts.

The scale that customer advocacy – both good and bad – can achieve in today’s day and age is simply astounding. The once impossible becomes probable when customers collaborate at the speed of now. Read more and comment »

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Get Ready (and Relevant)! Dreamforce 2013 Preview

Posted by Diane Berry on November 13, 2013

We’re just days away from Dreamforce 2013, arguably the biggest technology event of the year – and as a Bronze Sponsor, the excitement here at Coveo keeps growing. What was once known as a user conference for customers has turned into a premier event for the industry, with 100,000+ Salesforce enthusiasts expected to descend on San Francisco next week.  Will you be one of them?

Dreamforce is so big, it’s a testament to the number of technologies and ways companies can better serve customers and win more deals. With four days of breakout sessions, exhibitions, and CRM success stories, there will be no shortage of information presented and knowledge shared. Which begs the question: As an attendee, don’t you wish there was an easy way to find and capture information at Dreamforce that’s the most relevant to you?

Similarly, what many companies are missing from the traditional Salesforce ecosystem is relevant content from across the enterprise. One of the biggest pain points that customer service and sales agents face is having to leave Salesforce to access information from multiple other systems. Launched last year, Coveo for Salesforce brings the enterprise into Salesforce, in effect making Salesforce the information hub of your company. What happens then?  Your Salesforce users become customer experts. They know everything your organization knows about each and every customer, as well as better, more useful ways to solve customer issues quicker. And it’s presented in their own context – exactly what they are working on, without overwhelming them with data. Coveo recommends relevant content and experts to the end user, regardless of where the data resides – in social media, the cloud, or enterprise systems. It’s the kind of insight that accelerates transformations into “customer companies,” which is the key theme of the show this year. Read more and comment »

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A Victory for Salesforce Search – Context-Aware Knowledge Wins Four Awards in August

Posted by Diane Berry on September 13, 2013

When we launched Coveo for Salesforce last year, our goal was to empower Salesforce Agent console users to leverage collective knowledge to be more relevant to their customers across channels, and to solve cases and answer questions faster. Our mission and passion is to help companies become more relevant and responsive to their customers—and in the Salesforce environment, the technical strength of this application is a key component of its success.

One year later, we’re pleased to report that many organizations are recognizing our success in achieving our mission. In fact, Coveo for Salesforce was recognized as an impactful new product four separate times in August, by organizations like the American Business Awards, International Business Awards and Golden Bridge Awards.  One of these accolades was determined by the public, as Coveo for Salesforce was a winner in the “People’s Choice” category, determined by a poll of nearly 20,000 votes cast.

We’ve included more information on each award below, but know that we’re just getting started on delivering on this promise. We continue to add important new features and connectors with high frequency, in order to make sure all relevant knowledge is consolidated and correlated for better customer service. Read more and comment »

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