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Reflections from Dreamforce: Collective Knowledge, Customer Engagement and the Inverted Economy

Posted by Diane Berry on November 21, 2013

Peter Schwartz, the celebrated futurist from Salesforce, spoke Monday at Dreamforce about the relevance of companies that embrace the power of the new “inverted economy.”

Peter pointed out that individuals, not corporations, leveraged by knowledge networks of other customers, employees and partners are the new “market makers.” This is where the pyramid of power inverts.

The scale that customer advocacy – both good and bad – can achieve in today’s day and age is simply astounding. The once impossible becomes probable when customers collaborate at the speed of now. Read more and comment »

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Live from Dreamforce: What Defines a Community?

Posted by Diane Berry on November 19, 2013

People attend shows like Dreamforce to make connections. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of opportunities to connect with communities of people that can influence your work for the better.

At a show with more than 100,000 people – plus contests, promotions, keynotes and a Green Day concert – why are Coveo employees leaving the action to ride bikes around San Francisco each morning this week with new connections?

The reason is because we believe that communities are built through meaningful connections. Since our alliance director is an avid cyclist and Bay Area resident, what better way to bring people together through their interests in cycling, the city and their work? Read more and comment »


A Victory for Salesforce Search – Context-Aware Knowledge Wins Four Awards in August

Posted by Diane Berry on September 13, 2013

When we launched Coveo for Salesforce last year, our goal was to empower Salesforce Agent console users to leverage collective knowledge to be more relevant to their customers across channels, and to solve cases and answer questions faster. Our mission and passion is to help companies become more relevant and responsive to their customers—and in the Salesforce environment, the technical strength of this application is a key component of its success.

One year later, we’re pleased to report that many organizations are recognizing our success in achieving our mission. In fact, Coveo for Salesforce was recognized as an impactful new product four separate times in August, by organizations like the American Business Awards, International Business Awards and Golden Bridge Awards.  One of these accolades was determined by the public, as Coveo for Salesforce was a winner in the “People’s Choice” category, determined by a poll of nearly 20,000 votes cast.

We’ve included more information on each award below, but know that we’re just getting started on delivering on this promise. We continue to add important new features and connectors with high frequency, in order to make sure all relevant knowledge is consolidated and correlated for better customer service. Read more and comment »

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Webinar: Turning Knowledge Management and Enterprise Search Upside Down

Posted by Diane Berry on February 27, 2013

Customer ServiceCustomers have so many choices today. It’s our jobs to make their experiences as easy, relevant and engaging as possible. By delivering exceptional customer experiences, companies can acquire new customers through referrals from highly satisfied customers, retain existing customers and improve their overall efficiency.

Unfortunately, too many customer service agents, field agents and even sales and marketing team members, do not have the essential customer information and insight they need, when they need it, resulting in negative customer experiences.

Imagine this scenario instead, if your organization uses a CRM such as Salesforce: A CSR views a case, and in addition to the details of the issue, he or she is automatically shown the best and most relevant knowledge—from anywhere—to solve the case in the fastest and most accurate way possible – right into the Salesforce Case Console, into the context of the agent. Without conducting a single search query, and regardless of where the information resides. The information is pushed to the agent. Read more and comment »

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Now Live on the AppExchange: Salesforce Service Cloud users can stop searching, and start finding

Posted by Diane Berry on February 21, 2013

Knowledge Management will never be the same.

We’re at the start of a sea change in how employees find the information they need to do their work. Not surprisingly, the sea change begins with a combination of solutions known for leadership and innovation: Salesforce and Coveo. Together, we are turning knowledge management—and enterprise search—upside down.

Placing customers first, Coveo in September introduced the beta version of our application that pushes relevant knowledge directly into the Salesforce Case Console, into the context of the agent. We started here because we know that companies need and want to improve the customer experience. We know that agents struggle mightily to find the combination of information that will help them solve challenges for their customers faster and better. And we know the problem is only getting worse, in an age of big, unstructured and structured data, and with the continued proliferation of point systems and fragmented content sources. Read more and comment »

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