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Webinar: Turning Knowledge Management and Enterprise Search Upside Down

Posted by Diane Berry on February 27, 2013

Customer ServiceCustomers have so many choices today. It’s our jobs to make their experiences as easy, relevant and engaging as possible. By delivering exceptional customer experiences, companies can acquire new customers through referrals from highly satisfied customers, retain existing customers and improve their overall efficiency.

Unfortunately, too many customer service agents, field agents and even sales and marketing team members, do not have the essential customer information and insight they need, when they need it, resulting in negative customer experiences. Read more and comment »

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Now Live on the AppExchange: Salesforce Service Cloud users can stop searching, and start finding

Posted by Diane Berry on February 21, 2013

Knowledge Management will never be the same.

We’re at the start of a sea change in how employees find the information they need to do their work. Not surprisingly, the sea change begins with a combination of solutions known for leadership and innovation: Salesforce and Coveo. Together, we are turning knowledge management—and enterprise search—upside down. Read more and comment »

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Special Series: Ask the (Social) CRM Experts

Posted by Diane Berry on January 15, 2013

Part II: CRM in 2013

We’re a few weeks into 2013, and companies are facing a powerful confluence of overwhelming and diverse customer data, tools that provide a greater degree of insight into that data, and a customer base that demands a more personalized, real-time experience. We believe that companies ended 2012 poised to use this convergence to supercharge their customer service operations, as noted in the first installment from our esteemed panelists that posted last week. Read more and comment »


Special Series: Ask the (Social) CRM Experts

Posted by Diane Berry on January 7, 2013

Part I: Looking Back at 2012

It’s nice to have good friends in high places, especially friends who spend their time talking to smart people from great businesses about their strategies, execution and plans, specifically related to customer experience. To begin the New Year, we spoke with a couple of our esteemed friends about the current state of CRM—in its full meaning, not just the system, but spelled out: Customer Relationship Management. In this first installment we look at the question, “What was the biggest development in the CRM space in 2012?” Here are a few standout assessments: Read more and comment »

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