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Live from Dreamforce: What Defines a Community?

Posted by Diane Berry on November 19, 2013

People attend shows like Dreamforce to make connections. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of opportunities to connect with communities of people that can influence your work for the better.

At a show with more than 100,000 people – plus contests, promotions, keynotes and a Green Day concert – why are Coveo employees leaving the action to ride bikes around San Francisco each morning this week with new connections? Read more and comment »


A.I.M. Higher: Empower Your Service Reps to Delight Customers

Posted by Bob Thompson on February 14, 2013

CustomerThinkOn a trip to Orlando two years ago, I arrived quite late to a Hilton hotel and visited the restaurant a few minutes before closing. The server took my order, disappeared, and didn’t come back for a few minutes. It was just a touch too long, and I was beginning to wonder if my order was forgotten.

Then the server came back, apologized for the delay and gave me a free drink on the spot. I still remember that experience because it wasn’t expected. I had not complained and the delay really wasn’t a big deal. So far as I know, I didn’t send any signals via my body language that I was unhappy. Read more and comment »

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Customer Centricity Leads to Customer Engagement

Posted by Diane Berry on October 23, 2012

We at Coveo are often humbled by the passion our customers show for our technology. We like to think it’s due to placing our customers at the center of our operations and practicing what we preach—customer centricity. This means listening to what they need and developing products that always take them a bit further in their journey to leverage the vast amounts of diverse data available to them, in order to make better business decisions, develop more innovative products, and better serve their customers.

We recently received an award that we believe stemmed from one customer’s passion. Our recent launch, Coveo for Salesforce, was named the Tech Best in Show at the Technology Services World conference in Las Vegas. This is a people’s choice award, voted by the conference attendees. We attribute, in large part, the attention we received thanks to our customer Tokyo Electron having had two speaking engagements at the event, where they talked about their journey and their successes with Coveo. A heart-felt thanks to Tokyo’s amazing team for this tremendous support. And, thanks to all of the attendees who voted us Tech Best in Show after listening to the Tokyo team and visiting our booth. Read more and comment »

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Are You Integrating Social Data into Your Customer Engagement Strategy?

Posted by Diane Berry on July 23, 2012

The paradigm shift has already begun to enable content creators and their peers to curate their own knowledge across blogs, wikis and social streams, such as Twitter. It’s vital that enterprise organizations work quickly to integrate those data streams in real-time to better understand customer requirements, state of satisfaction, and challenges. If not, they will miss prime opportunities to:

• Have the full picture when engaging with customers on support cases and sales
• Identify sales opportunities based on customer requests
• Improve engineering and R&D initiatives, based on real-time customer feedback Read more and comment »

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Survey says…what? Why customer surveys may not be the best approach

Posted by Ed Shepherdson on May 30, 2012

Customer experience management is all the buzz now a days. The good news is that companies seem to be more and more genuine about paying attention to their clients’ needs. But are they taking the right approach of measuring their experiences through surveys?

In the late 90’s, the internet started to change the way people serviced their customers via self service portals and websites. Companies began to realize that their customers want to service themselves – on their time – they didn’t want to wait in phone queues to talk to people who sometimes didn’t have the answer. While online self-service sites gave clients the ability to service themselves quickly and on their schedule, the one thing that went missing was the feedback mechanism. Read more and comment »