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From Product to Outcome: The Digital Transformation of Customer Support

Posted by Colin Beasty on June 8, 2015

Product to Oucome-Tokyo ElectronThe digital transformation is having a profound impact on how businesses engage with customers. Driven by the combination of more competent, digitally literate customers and the digitalized workplace, leading organizations are transitioning from product-driven to outcome-focused support that delivers meaningful customer outcomes.

Today’s digitally native B2B and B2C customers expect not just timely and efficient customer support interactions, but also help accomplishing their goals. They expect the companies they do business with to know them – which products they own, how they use them, along with a complete history of prior interactions. This presents customer service and support organizations with an opportunity to not just solve problems, but drive customer loyalty and satisfaction. But, to do that at scale, you need to inject the right information and expertise at the customer’s moment of need via their channel and/or device of choice. Read more and comment »

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Infographic: Search is Transforming Customer Service

Posted by Mabel Ng on May 11, 2015

Research from Bain & Co. has proven that customers are 4 times more likely to leave and turn to your competition if they don’t get the customer service they expect.

That’s why the very best customer self-service sites and contact centers provide customers with the information customers need quickly and effortlessly – limiting their need to log cases, and if a case is created, solving the issue on first contact. These service leaders are increasing self-service adoption by up to 40%, deflecting up to 20% more cases, and increasing FCR by up to 30%. Read more and comment »

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Breaking the Rip & Replace Cycle in Knowledge Management: Unified Search and Analytics to the Rescue

Posted by Tucker Hall on May 5, 2015

Analytics Banner

Two thirds of TSIA members recently reported using two or more knowledge management systems in the past several years. And, according to the TSIA’s 2015 Global Technology Survey, 77% of support services organizations (technical support and call center operations) are planning to invest in new or additional knowledge management tools this year.  Read more and comment »

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Three Ways Search Drives Better Support Outcomes

Posted by Mabel Ng on April 30, 2015

TSW Silicon ValleyNext week, 1,000 technology industry service & support leaders will gather at the TSW Best Practices conference in Silicon Valley to share ideas and explore the key role that service leaders must play in driving successful outcomes for customers.

Embracing that role, many service leaders are looking to up their game in knowledge management. TSIA reports that 69% of members plan to invest in improving customer- and agent-facing KM solutions this year. Read more and comment »

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