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Return on Knowledge: The Next Big Source of Wealth Creation in a Big Data World

Posted by Louis Têtu on March 20, 2013

ROK eBookYou’ve seen us write many times in this blog about the knowledge-access challenges posed by Big Data and for two good reasons:

  1. Big, unstructured data, fragmented across an ever growing number of sources, is overwhelming organizations, requiring them to find new ways to access information in order to stay competitive, better serve their customers and bring more innovative products to market, faster.
  2. At the other end of the spectrum are customers who are increasingly knowledgeable and demanding a greater degree of immediacy and relevance towards their needs.
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IT Chaos: Is it simply moving to the Cloud to create “Claos?”

Posted by Ed Shepherdson on November 27, 2012

IT Chaos: Is it simply moving to the Cloud to create Claos?Today’s IT department finds itself in a precarious position: balance stakeholder demands against the need to maintain governance, compliance and control. Environments are becoming more diverse and complex while executive leadership needs CIOs and IT departments to start contributing to the bottom line through increased productivity.

As a result, many CIOs are looking at the cloud as an easier way to deliver solutions to their stakeholders without adding more chaos to their already complex internal systems. The benefits of cloud solutions are very attractive to the CIO: subscription model, no long-term commitments, easy deployment, low cost of ownership, no capital to invest, solutions that meet the individual needs of the stakeholders, etc. Read more and comment »

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Bringing Home the Hardware

Posted by Diane Berry on October 10, 2012

It’s been a breakthrough year for our technology and employees so far, and while we received significant recognition earlier this year, we’re pleased to report that others have taken notice even more recently.

Our solutions won a Bronze Stevie® award for the “Best New Product of the Year – Software,” as awarded in the International Business Awards. The competition was fierce – submissions were received by 3,200 companies in over 50 countries, judged by 300 executives. We work hard for our new products to have a high level of innovation and value, and we’re honored to have the resulting value creation validated by this independent group of reviewers. Read more and comment »

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R&D’s Greatest Challenge: Insight to Innovate

Posted by Diane Berry on August 9, 2012

Amid the excitement and athleticism of the Olympics, we have uncovered another interesting display of global competition. And although it may not be as entertaining, the ramifications are more far-reaching. Specifically, the Global Innovation Index evaluates each country’s level of innovation over the past year, as judged by each country’s knowledge, technology and creative outputs. It was reported by the CEO of Eli Lily in a Forbes post about America’s declining ranking last month.

Regardless of which country is the most innovative, businesses all over the world are plagued by an “Insight Deficit” within their R&D departments. This is because engineers and developers generally don’t have access to the full breadth of information necessary to make informed decisions—product data, competitive insight, customer surveys and more. As a result, products take longer to get to market, production requires more re-dos, and competition may often seem one step ahead. Without easy assimilation of relevant and actionable insights, organizations aren’t as nimble or flexible as they could be. Read more and comment »

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