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The cloud spins faster than the earth…and we all learn in the moment of need

Posted by Diane Berry on June 29, 2015

thumbnail-press-twitter-cloud-launch-01Remember when you were a kid, lying on your back in the grass, staring up at the sky and seeing the clouds move? It always made me dizzy! In reality, of course, we all learned that the earth was moving and it was only our perception that the clouds were moving faster. Most likely, a parent, an older sibling or maybe a know-it-all friend explained.

All that has changed…at least in the world of technology. The cloud literally is spinning faster than earth-bound, on-premise software. As my colleague Laurent Simoneau wrote in his blog post, Coveo has joined the ranks of suppliers of cloud-based, mobile-enabled technologies with the announcement of the first, end-to-end, intelligent search as a service for the enterprise. Read more and comment »

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Breaking the Rip & Replace Cycle in Knowledge Management: Unified Search and Analytics to the Rescue

Posted by Tucker Hall on May 5, 2015

Analytics Banner

Two thirds of TSIA members recently reported using two or more knowledge management systems in the past several years. And, according to the TSIA’s 2015 Global Technology Survey, 77% of support services organizations (technical support and call center operations) are planning to invest in new or additional knowledge management tools this year.  Read more and comment »

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Three Ways Search Drives Better Support Outcomes

Posted by Mabel Ng on April 30, 2015

TSW Silicon ValleyNext week, 1,000 technology industry service & support leaders will gather at the TSW Best Practices conference in Silicon Valley to share ideas and explore the key role that service leaders must play in driving successful outcomes for customers.

Embracing that role, many service leaders are looking to up their game in knowledge management. TSIA reports that 69% of members plan to invest in improving customer- and agent-facing KM solutions this year. Read more and comment »

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How “Upskilling” Employees and Customers via Search Drives the Bottom Line

Posted by Diane Berry on April 27, 2015

2015-KM-Conference-Teaser-BannerAttendees at this year’s APQC Knowledge Management Conference in Houston are looking to understand how becoming a knowledge-driven organization can transform their business and drive the bottom line. I’m looking forward to providing attendees with some of those answers via a breakout session that’s going to showcase two enterprises that are doing exactly that.

I’ll be hosting a panel discussion with two Coveo customers, Deltek, Inc. and Tokyo Electron America, Inc. (TEA), to share how they’ve been able to upskill people with search, and how that has impacted their respective businesses. In this blog I’ll highlight the TEA success story and following the session I’ll focus on Deltek and how they’ve helped their customers to upskill and solve their own, complex cases. Read more and comment »

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