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The “Intentional Approach” to Technology Adoption – Pt. 2

Posted by Trent Parkhill on March 16, 2011

In my last blog post, I suggested that by analyzing our past projects, we can improve adoption of our future information systems (IS) projects.  Three of my adoption observations are that:

  1. adoption is hindered when . . . use of the new technology is contrary to the kind of staff we need in our company, contrary to the primary goals we give them, and contrary to human nature;
  2. adoption is hindered when . . . we do not understand how to drive adoption;
  3. adoption is hindered when . . . the technology does not address an important need or the initial implementation was not sufficiently tailored to the business to be compelling.

Getting good adoption rates with any new technology, requires keeping in mind these impediments to adoption in all stages of a project, from considering the fit and value of a new technology, to executing the deployment.  Let’s focus on the first impediment – the match between what the technology asks our staff to do, and who they are. Read more and comment »

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Enterprise Search 2.0: A New Way to Solve Age Old Problems

Posted by Trent Parkhill on February 8, 2011

Welcome to my first Coveo blog post. My name is Trent Parkhill, and while I have been configuring Coveo’s enterprise search platform for the past four years, I only recently joined the company.  In my role as Director of Consulting on our professional services team, I will be focused on helping engineering, consulting and professional services firms understand and achieve great value from Enterprise Search 2.0.

I come to Coveo after 30 years in the consulting world, having worked as an engineer in the design of a wide variety of major projects.  During this time, I also managed many information technology projects, worked as a manager in one of the company’s business units, and spent five years managing IT. This broad background has given me a unique perspective on how technology needs to operate in order to add measureable business value.

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