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Advanced Search for Sitecore: Tips and Tricks

Posted by Dominic Lajoie on December 19, 2012

The sheer amount of content on robust websites can overwhelm all users—not just website visitors—preventing them from using important data and assets, and slowing the content creation and revision cycles. This is the first of a series of blogs with some advanced tips & tricks for WCM and CMS users of Coveo search technology. In this first installment we look at a simple way to use Coveo to speed up the creation of your Sitecore-powered website content, and we check in on all-important security considerations.

In future blogs we will cover how the combination of Sitecore and Coveo provide adaptive content delivery in real time, and other advanced topics. (Here’s a hint: By indexing additional systems such as CRM, marketing automation, etc., Coveo can know the context of authenticated visitors, and recommend information relative to their interest, experience and knowledge.) Read more and comment »

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