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Why We Built Coveo Cloud: Trends & Opportunities

Posted by Laurent Simoneau on June 16, 2015

thumbnail-press-twitter-cloud-launch-01Our mission at Coveo has always been to drive innovation in the field of enterprise search by looking to the future and building the tools we know our customers will need to be successful. That’s why three years ago we decided to bring our secure search technology to the cloud, and build a search-as-a-service offering optimized for the modern enterprise. And this week, I am excited we are announcing the results of this work: Coveo Cloud. I believe it represents the right technology at the right time. Here’s why:

Enterprise Cloud is the New Normal Read more and comment »

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How Scalable Search Technology Supported a Leading Manufacturer’s 42% Growth

Posted by Mabel Ng on March 26, 2015

SunGard Public Sector Uses CoveoPöttinger is a family-owned manufacturer of high quality agricultural machinery for use in tillage, drilling and harvesting.

Since the company began using Coveo in 2007, its workforce has grown by 42%. The company now has over 1500 employees working out of several manufacturing sites in Europe, and sales locations in 13 countries. Pöttinger’s IT team has been able to keep both the company’s growing workforce happy and information access-related costs in check, thanks to the scalable Coveo search solution that connects Pöttinger’s workers with all the information they need, across the company’s information ecosystem. Read more and comment »

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2015: Transforming How We Work, via Search

Posted by Diane Berry on January 15, 2015

WhistlerBlogJust as top athletes enter “the flow” when they perform at their best, when everything simply comes together, in 2015 more of us will work “in the flow,” at the top of our abilities, as what we need to upskill and do our best work simply “comes together” for us as we are working–thanks to advanced enterprise search & relevance technology.

Many profound and accelerating workplace changes are converging to make this possible: The digitization of the workplace, “so-lo-mo” digital natives approaching a majority of the workforce, the growing skills shortage, the rapid movement of corporate data to the cloud and importantly, the consumerization of IT and of organizations. Coveo executives look to our customer base, the analyst community, other technology innovations, as well as consumer Internet trends to report what we believe will be the major trends changing how we work, driven by search-based apps in 2015: Read more and comment »

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For Enterprise Search Success, Security Is Required

Posted by Diane Berry on November 24, 2014

SecurityThis week Coveo issued a news release about the success of Harris Corporation’s enterprise search program. Like most companies, this was a second or even third-generation approach to enterprise search for Harris.  Lately there have been several articles published about the resurgence of enterprise search as a key enabler of the digital workplace.  These articles highlight all the great functionality that highly advanced enterprise search systems, led by Coveo, have brought to market.  And yes, such capabilities are great and even transformational:  Companies can now help their employees to upskill in the flow of work because Coveo understands what they’re working on–or what they usually work on–and can present them with contextually relevant information to help them learn incrementally, as they are doing their work.

But many of the articles miss a key, hugely important, foundation element of enterprise search success: Security. Without security, companies simply cannot and will not open their data sources. Therefore the search index will not contain the majority of an organization’s information — quite often the most important information, the most sensitive and the most relevant, will simply be left out, due to security concerns.  So when employees search–and don’t find what they know exists–they lose trust in the search appliance and simply stop using it. Their peers may hear the new system doesn’t work, and they won’t even try it.  This is one important reason why adoption is the key challenge we hear about, over and over, with prospective customers. Read more and comment »

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