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SVP, Market Strategy


We recently polled R&D teams about how they use and share innovation across offices and departments, and the challenges they face in doing so.  Because R&D is a primary creator and consumer of knowledge, these organizations should be a model for how to utilize and share it. However, as we’ve seen in the demand for our intelligent indexing technology, and as revealed in the study, we found that R&D teams are more apt to duplicate work, lose knowledge and operate in siloed, “tribal” environments where information isn’t shared and experts can’t be found. This creates a huge opportunity for those who get it right—to out-innovate and out-perform their competition.

Specifically, engineers told us about their information challenges in our social media poll. The graphic below outlines the results.



Innovation is not possible without knowledge – and wasted, untapped knowledge is costing innovation-driven companies both time and money through impeded research and development. Intelligent indexing technology not only helps companies innovate, it helps them take a building block approach to knowledge and innovation by enabling more and better leverage of their most valuable corporate asset: know-how.

About Diane Berry

Diane Berry is Senior Vice President of Market Strategy at Coveo. Diane seeks out and analyzes market, industry and economic opportunities for growth; works with the analyst community as well as media; and acts as a spokesperson and industry voice to help organizations understand how to leverage advanced search-based apps to transform the nature of work.

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  • Bob

    It takes a Culture of Communication, Cooperation and cross fertilization to Compete by means of Creating new Concepts.

    Saying it another way, each of the Challenges is clearly based in large part on a lack of communication and cooperation.

    To make the required change in the culture requires top down commitment to succeed so R&D has to get the message from above.

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