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Infographic: Easy Does It for Support Leaders

Posted by Diane Berry on February 11, 2015

“To Build Loyalty, Companies Need to Stop Thinking ‘Exceed Expectations’ and Start Thinking ‘Make It Easy’”— so says the Corporate Executive Board and its book, Effortless Customer Experience.

That is never more true than in the world of customer service and support. With multiple forces at work—from the rapid acceleration of cloud to the digital workplace and digital native customers—companies struggle to deliver the types of low-effort, high-quality service experiences that customers no longer just expect but now demand. The risk? Customers leave and service costs grow ever higher. Scalability becomes a dream at best. Read more and comment »

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Customer Service Trends Part 2: Upskill Agents With Search

Posted by Eric Courville on February 5, 2015

customer service trend: upskill agentsThe distance between a customer and a resolution to a service-related issue should be minimal, according to a landmark CEB study of 125,000 consumers. The study revealed that 96% of customers feel more disloyal to a company when put through high-effort experiences.

Unfortunately, the experience most customers have with contact centers is anything but low-effort. Calls to contact centers can mean long wait times, complex IVR trees, escalations and incomplete solutions that require callbacks. Read more and comment »

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Customer Service Trends Part 1: Focus on Competent Customers

Posted by Eric Courville on January 27, 2015

self-serviceCustomers have become increasingly motivated to find answers on their own via online self-service or a customer portal, yet are often unsuccessful finding the help they need. What’s the problem?

Consider the fact that 58% of calls into contact centers are a result of poor website service or failure in another channel, according to 2014 research from ContactBabel. This means that self-service, despite its growing popularity among customers, has largely become a lost opportunity for organizations. And while digitally advanced customers want to find information and solve issues on their own, they can’t do it easily. That’s why the organizations that use search to power their self-service portals and communities will be at a considerable advantage this year. Read more and comment »

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