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Customer Service Trends Part 1: Focus on Competent Customers

Posted by Eric Courville on January 27, 2015

self-serviceCustomers have become increasingly motivated to find answers on their own via online self-service or a customer portal, yet are often unsuccessful finding the help they need. What’s the problem?

Consider the fact that 58% of calls into contact centers are a result of poor website service or failure in another channel, according to 2014 research from ContactBabel. This means that self-service, despite its growing popularity among customers, has largely become a lost opportunity for organizations. And while digitally advanced customers want to find information and solve issues on their own, they can’t do it easily. That’s why the organizations that use search to power their self-service portals and communities will be at a considerable advantage this year. Read more and comment »

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2015: Transforming How We Work, via Search

Posted by Diane Berry on January 15, 2015

WhistlerBlogJust as top athletes enter “the flow” when they perform at their best, when everything simply comes together, in 2015 more of us will work “in the flow,” at the top of our abilities, as what we need to upskill and do our best work simply “comes together” for us as we are working–thanks to advanced enterprise search & relevance technology.

Many profound and accelerating workplace changes are converging to make this possible: The digitization of the workplace, “so-lo-mo” digital natives approaching a majority of the workforce, the growing skills shortage, the rapid movement of corporate data to the cloud and importantly, the consumerization of IT and of organizations. Coveo executives look to our customer base, the analyst community, other technology innovations, as well as consumer Internet trends to report what we believe will be the major trends changing how we work, driven by search-based apps in 2015: Read more and comment »

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Part II: How an Online Retailer Uses Search to Boost Site Performance

Posted by Marie-Michèle Caron on December 17, 2014

website searach online retailWe’re back with Amanda Shiga from Nonlinear Creations to hear how the company helped a Canadian retail website implement great search using the power of Coveo for Sitecore. Read on to learn more about the organization’s website challenges prior to using Coveo, and how it is now better able to deliver more engaging search and website experiences to its visitors.

Q.: In 2013, Nonlinear implemented Coveo for Sitecore for a retail website in Canada. Describe the website’s search capabilities before implementing Coveo. What was it looking to achieve? Read more and comment »

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Knowledge Workers Mostly Redo Work

Posted by Diane Berry on December 15, 2014

Frustrated-WorkerMost of us—that is, Knowledge Workers—rarely do new work. This unhappy revelation comes from the recent Coveo Knowledge Rework Report which surveyed 412 Knowledge Workers and 337 Knowledge Management Practitioners across North America earlier this year. Only 7% of Knowledge Workers report doing new work or solving new challenges more than 75 percent of the time. Nearly 60 percent said they do new work less than 25 percent of the time.

Knowledge Managers know this problem exists but not to the greater extent employees report. Thirty-one (31) percent of KM Practitioners believe that Knowledge Workers spend 25 to 50 percent of their time on unique work. In reality, only 19 percent of Knowledge Workers report that to be true. And while 58 percent of Knowledge Workers said they do new work less than 25 percent of the time, only 41 percent of KM Practitioners felt the same was true, a whopping 17% difference. Read more and comment »

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Part I: The Power & Possibility of Site Search…Market Outlook

Posted by Marie-Michèle Caron on December 3, 2014

site searchOrganizations want websites that perform in a manner that maximizes conversions or transactions, increases audience awareness, and delivers relevant information and messages, all while nurturing an ongoing relationship with the audience and keeping up engagement levels. The companies that are looking to accomplish all of this to maximize website performance need to consider the benefits of truly exceptional search–one of the biggest drivers of website success.

We asked Amanda Shiga, VP Digital at Nonlinear Creations, a full-service systems integrator and digital agency that helps companies build leading websites and intranets, about the current and future state of website experiences. What makes a great website, and what does the power of search have to do with it? Read on. Read more and comment »

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