“Today, power is gained by sharing knowledge, not hoarding it” – Dharmesh Shah

We hear it, we say it, and we wholeheartedly believe “knowledge is power”. With the rise of the internet, society’s insatiable curiosity, and consumers’ preference to self-serve, it’s no wonder we’ve all gone a little knowledge crazy. We crave it, we consume it, but we don’t always share knowledge and integrate it in our strategies. Unused knowledge tends to fall through the cracks and eventually becomes useless. Loss of company knowledge is increasingly more prevalent within organizations and it’s causing a “wow gap” in the customer journey. This gap is the great divide between the personalized and relevant experiences your customers get from other service providers versus their experience with your company. As your business scales, manually tracking, managing and analysing the relevance of your company knowledge will become impossible.

Knowledge sharing strategies to wow your customers.

What is a ‘wow’ moment?

A ‘wow’ moment is one that helps partners, customers and employees do more on their own with less effort by providing relevant, personalized and contextual information the moment it’s needed. Wow moments go beyond knowledge and content, or delivering queries and search results. They understand context, capture user intent and provide recommendations through the power of machine learning. As you can imagine, ‘wow’ moments alleviate customer frustration and poor experiences. In fact, 80% of businesses state the use of machine learning for automated contextual recommendations is important for creating personalized customer experiences. The formula to create ‘wow’ moments and achieve relevance is simple.

Knowledge sharing strategies help bring relevance.

But just because it’s simple doesn’t make it easy. ‘Wowing’ your customers helps ensure that you’re injecting relevance into your customer experience where it matters most.

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Knowledge Sharing Strategies

Self-Service search moments

Unifying your company’s collective knowledge powers your customer community and self-service portal with relevant resources that enable your customers to easily find and share documents that help them to successfully self-serve or assist each other. Machine learning helps to track which resources have proven to be the most helpful and gives deeper insight into what your customers are looking for and what content gaps you may have.

Recommendation moments

Through rich usage analytics, you can learn what helped other customers with a similar query self-serve and successfully predict what they’ll need next. Intelligent recommendations enhance the customer experience, build brand loyalty and drive higher conversions.

Case Deflection moments

Sharing your company knowledge and making it accessible to your self-service portal will allow your customers to find what they need quickly and autonomously, resulting in fewer cases and calls to your contact center. Insight engines use a combination of machine learning and usage analytics to effectively measure case deflection and other key indicators of self-service success.

In-app content moments

AI-powered search can extend beyond your website, communities and portals. Innovative companies are helping their customers find the knowledge they’re looking for by offering contextual recommendations directly within the software and services they offer.

Support engineer and agent insight moments

Empowering your agents with the most relevant knowledge directly within their case console will not only increase their proficiency, it will reduce attrition and protect your brand. Sharing the right information available at the right time will increase the overall contact center experience by reducing employee turnover and average handle time, while increasing your NPS and customer satisfaction.

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