The reality is; organizations are facing skill-shortages that are stunting their growth. Finding suitable talent with relevant skill sets is a challenge, to say the least. However, the solution to closing the skills gap doesn’t solely rely on hiring, it is also essential to optimize your existing resources – which is exactly what the Intelligent Workplace does.

Knowledge is any organization’s greatest asset. Your team and your systems hold the information to get new hires up to speed, but are they being used to their full potential? The Intelligent Workplace gets your people, processes and technology to work together with the information they already have, with the tools they already use.

It comes as no surprise that the common intranet has proven to be useful to encourage collaboration, promote engagement, and improve overall efficiency. The Intelligent Digital Workplace is a next generation intranet that turns efficiency gains into proficiency gains, and ultimately reducing the skills gap.

EbookYour Guide to Building a Connected Workplace for Your Remote Workforce

The Intelligent Workplace sits on top of your collaboration tools and other systems across your enterprise, and brings them to the next level. The secret sauce is its ability to gather the most relevant information from across all your enterprise silos, understand your context, learn from past behavior and outcomes, and deliver insights through the applications and devices of your choice. Beyond improving the efficiency of sharing and/or finding information, these insights boost proficiency by allowing people to handle more complex tasks independently and conveniently.

The Intelligent Workplace boosts proficiency by adhering to these 3 main capabilities:

  • Responsive; delivers Google-like answers from information accessed from across your organization’s disparate information silos.
  • Proactive; suggests related content, products and people based on the original query, who you are and what you are working on.
  • Predictive; recommends content and people that have helped others succeed who had similar queries. Predictive analytics and machine learning constantly analyze and update these recommendations in real-time for optimal success.

Not only does the Intelligent Workplace alleviate your skills shortage and improve the proficiency of your knowledge workers, it increases your return on knowledge by putting all your information assets to use. Furthermore, it leverages scalable and simple technology that supports your organization’s rapid growth.

Intelligent Search and Predictive Analytics technologies are what makes the Intelligent Workplace possible. Intelligent Search provides a scalable and simple platform that allows you to continually add or remove new content sources from a global content pool, then dispense the information on-demand. Perhaps one of the greatest things about the Intelligent Workplace is that it does not require you to migrate your data into a single repository, and can surface information through a standalone search interface or a search app integrated into a system of your choice. Predictive analytics then leverages usage analytics and applies machine learning to analyze behavior and deliver recommendations based on the prior experience of others in a similar context.

The Intelligent Workplace is personal, effortless and everywhere – making your knowledge workers and your organization more proficient and scalable.

EbookYour Guide to Building a Connected Workplace for Your Remote Workforce
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