Create intelligent self-service experiences with Coveo for Salesforce Pro Edition – now free for 90 days.

Although the world is rapidly changing around us, one thing remains certain: the importance of self-service. As millions of people around the world are required to stay at home, most interactions with businesses will be online, meaning companies that once had a five-year plan to deliver digital experiences are now finding they can no longer wait. Self-service isn’t just becoming the new norm; it is now a necessity. 

Intelligent self-service provides an effortless way for customers to solve their issue at hand as well as enrich their experience with your brand overall. Demand for knowledge and support will only continue to grow, further increasing the burden to support teams. Future-thinking companies that enable customers with tools to help themselves will find reduced support costs, increased engagement, and happier customers. 

The Coveo team understands the need to reduce the burden on your support teams and provide rapid and cost-effective self-service. To assist you on your journey, we put together a set of resources and best practices to help with your self-service strategy. Find them here.

To help you make intelligent self-service experiences a reality – quickly and cost-effectively – while reducing the load on your contact center, we are pleased to offer Coveo for Salesforce Pro Edition free for 90 days. This includes a free getting started workshop and free professional services. Please contact us for all the details and to get started.

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About Bonnie Chase

Bonnie Chase is a Senior Product Marketing Manager for Coveo for Salesforce. As a self-proclaimed product nerd, she has a passion for creating meaningful experiences through storytelling, technology, and design. Prior to working in product, Bonnie spent a decade in knowledge management, focusing on content strategy, knowledge creation, and user experience, helping enterprise companies empower their users through self-service. Outside of work, Bonnie enjoys hiking and spending time with her daughters.

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