Neil Kostecki, our director of product management for Coveo for Salesforce, sat down with us to discuss the latest feature release, the Coveo for Salesforce Winter ‘20 Release. This release includes a number of exciting features that enable Coveo for Salesforce admins to:

  • Stitch user data to help agents deliver consistent, personalized service in service, community, and in-product experiences
  • Bridge the gap between their B2B product catalog and the content in their self-service community
  • Extend AI-powered customer insights & actions to new objects across Service and Sales Cloud

You can hear from Neil and the rest of our product team at Coveo Impact 2020. Early bird tickets end on February 28 – so reserve your spot today!

Q: Why these features and why now?

We had a major release over the summer and saw a lot of excitement around that release, in particular the User Actions feature. Agents can see customers’ previous actions before logging a case, so agents can provide more relevant and personalized support. With our Winter ‘20 Release, we extended that beyond just seeing the single session before logging a case with session and device stitching. Now, agents can see every interaction that customer has had with Coveo, across multiple sessions and devices. 

We also made some enhancements to our newest Salesforce solution: Coveo for Salesforce B2B Commerce. A number of new features help B2B companies continue to improve their digital commerce experience. These enhancements include product recommendations along with a full out-of-the-box search page template designed for commerce product listing pages. We also made a few behind-the-scenes tweaks to improve performance.

After our last release, we also heard from a few customers that they wanted to use the Insight Panel and User Actions on other Salesforce objects. You can now extend both to any type of object across Service and Sales Cloud. We also enabled In-Product Experience to easily bring the community and self-service experience right within our customer’s products and web-based applications. It’s going to drive the next era of personalized support! 

We’re really excited to see what our customers can do with this. I’m always amazed by how creative and innovative our customers are.

Q: What does this mean for the future of Coveo for Salesforce?

We’re at a stage where we do search and recommendations really well, but we’re now connecting the entire customer journey. As an Experience Intelligence platform, we’re going way beyond search and recommendations by connecting every interaction in the customer journey and applying AI to provide the most relevant support and recommendations. 

This is mirroring where customer support needs to go in the next decade: less channels, more blended experiences. 

Q: How will this release affect customer service and support KPIs?

This is all about scalability. When you look at the cost to serve a customer, a Tier 3 agent is the most expensive. When we can help those agents resolve cases quicker, or avoid cases from being escalated, you’re saving operations costs there while improving your customer satisfaction and retention.

At the other end of the spectrum, in-product support is the pinnacle of case deflection. If we’re making help and support just a click away within the product, this is the most efficient use of our customers’ time, and encourages them to become more proficient in the product. 

Q: How will this release provide value for B2B commerce admins?

Coveo’s out-of-the-box search page template designed for commerce product listing pages leverages unified search results to surface content from both the B2B Commerce catalog and Service Cloud knowledge articles and cases. As a result, B2B buyers are experiencing an improved self-service experience, which leads to a commerce support cost reduction. 

Additionally, our release includes Coveo’s latest AI-Powered product recommendation feature, that is added to Coveo’s existing suite of machine learning features such as query typeahead, query corrections, ML-powered boost-and-bury and intelligent faceting. Coveo’s ML features not only help enterprises scaling the management of content on their commerce platform, reducing management costs, but also, helps improving the relevance of product and content presented to end users. These AI-powered features will help increase revenue and improve commerce KPIs like add-to-cart conversion rate and average order value

Join us to hear more about the more powerful capabilities in our Winter ‘20 Release on February 26 at 1PM ET/ 10 AM PT. Register here.

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