Our inaugural community event, Coveo Impact Europe, launches in just under two weeks – and we couldn’t be more excited. Our Senior Vice President, International Sales, Benoit Leclerc is one of the European team members and has been a part of the Coveo family for 12 years. We sat down with him to find out how this region has evolved and what to expect at Coveo Impact Europe.

Q: Thanks for taking the time with us. So why now for Coveo in Europe? What’s happening?

Benoit: We have been active in Europe for a few years to build the foundation for the team that is currently in rapid expansion.  In many European countries, and the UK in particular, all of the fundamental business indicators are positive to pave the way to Coveo’s success in these markets. Most organisations have some form of digital transformation initiative in the planning or execution phases in functional areas such as customer service, web, commerce, and employee workspaces. Our relevancy platform can be used in any of these business processes so Europe is clearly a rich market for us.  There’s also much interest around Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies and how it can enable and accelerate digital transformation. This market is craving for proven technology that can provide best in class experiences and business differentiation. 

Find out more about Coveo Impact Europe 2019 at impact.coveo.com/impact-europe. 

Q: How has this market changed and evolved since you started?

Benoit: Our small but agile team has been amazing at identifying and pursuing the right opportunities leveraging our integrated solutions with Salesforce, Sitecore, and more recently ServiceNow.  All of these technology partners are growing fast in Europe which is a key ingredient of our success. Equally important is making our initial customers successful with our solutions to demonstrate our capability to serve these local markets in the same way we do in North America. Our formula for success also includes the development of a strong partner network in each of these ecosystems as our business model is very much anchored around these organisations that specialise in customer service, web, commerce, and employee workspace solutions.

Q: What has made this region successful in the past and what do you expect going forward?

Benoit: The local team has made the difference.  Amazing people who live and breathe the Coveo Life and Coveo culture which is at the heart of our success in any region.  We will continue to seek additional talent that will help build a strong nucleus in this region. We recently opened an office in Chiswick, West of London, which is our first hub in Europe. 

Interested in joining Benoit’s team? Head over to careers.coveo.com to submit your application today.

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