As Coveo’s presence in Europe has rapidly grown, the success of our partner community has grown in tandem.  The Alliances team continues to develop key relationships at our strategic partners and Sitecore as well as many leading system integrators, digital firms and technology partners in the surrounding ecosystems.  This September, Impact Europe will see the culmination of this work, Tate Modern will host our key partners to launch Coveo’s 2020 strategy, vision and product innovation.

We caught up with Seamus O’Riordan to hear more about his work in this area.

Q: You’ve seen tremendous growth in the region. How are you seeing the awareness of Coveo evolve?


There are a few things driving this expansion and growth. For one, our partners  realising we are much more than traditional search. Coveo is really a platform to provide relevance and personalisation right across your organisation. Often, partners come to us looking for enhanced search for an existing customer or prospect, but pretty much immediately they see that to limit your view of Coveo to just search is missing out on our real value. 

Secondly, their customers are expecting the type of relevance they are familiar with in their personal lives from world-class organisations like Amazon and Netflix. This is especially true in Commerce, customers are seeing how recommendations and insights – that can happen with or without a search query – are invaluable to their business and invaluable in helping drive revenue. 

I also believe we have been able to bring a breadth of vision to our partners to help them move beyond mere tactical implementation. At Coveo, we are seeing this right across the globe, not just in Europe, and it’s part of the reason we’ve been able to develop strategic relationships with Salesforce and Sitecore.

Q: How does the European partner community view AI as a part of their vision?

Seamus: AI is big, competing in the AI-take-all economy will define the future of all . Our larger partners are hearing about AI from their key customers and large prospects. The message is “we need this to not fall behind” and Coveo is at the sweet spot of providing AI and solving actual business problems.  We recently had a leading European fashion house approach us at an event wondering why their partner had not introduced them to the power of AI and Coveo in particular.

For some of our smaller partners, AI is not yet as important. They work with smaller clients and the imperative to deliver AI is not as urgent. But it will be. We’re seeing the need for AI in nearly every industry and we don’t expect it to slow down. 

Q: How are partners using Coveo to compete in the AI-take-all economy?

Seamus: One of the ways our partners are doing this is by taking Coveo beyond the initial use case. Yes, we may have started by increasing case deflection using Coveo for Salesforce, but then suddenly, we’re extending to their agent portal or their website. Our partners (and our clients) have realised how much more powerful Coveo is when it’s extended across every channel. My goal for Impact Europe is to really get our partners together and talking about how this is done. Help them understand how to innovate with the Coveo platform and drive relevance across their clients’ organisations, not just one channel.

Q: What can our partners expect at Coveo Impact Europe?

Seamus: From the outset, my approach with our partners has been to develop solid, strategic long-term relationships with a few key partners, rather than trying to reach every potential partner in the ecosystem. I look for partners with a broad range of expertise and a wide geographical coverage and a willingness and openness to partner.   Right now, our partners are crucial to driving our business globally, and we are investing in the ones that do. Coveo Impact Europe is a great example of this commitment and investment to grow our European partners and work together to make our clients more successful with Coveo. We have recently launched an on-line 24/7 training academy for our partners . We’re continuously investing in our partners and their success.

Q: The theme is “Powering Individualisation with AI.” How does this resonate with our partner community?

Seamus: This theme is a huge priority for our partners, and it’s an important part of every company’s digital transformation. Our CEO Louis Tetu spoke about the importance of creating a unique experience for every customer and employee at Coveo Impact – and our European clients, and by extension their partners, are feeling the pressure to do this now. We’re moving into a new phase in many industries, but especially Commerce, where just having a website or an app is not enough. Organisations really need to design experiences for their customers – and AI is critical to do that.

To find out more about Coveo Impact Europe, visit the website. You can sign up for the wait list to attend this year’s event! 

P.S. Interested in working with Seamus? We’re hiring for someone to join Seamus’ team. Apply on our Careers site.

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