Coveo Impact 2019 is the Coveo community event of the year – and you have to be there!

As is tradition for this time of the year, the Internet fills with forward-looking predictions and trends on just about everything. Digital transformation projections are particularly prevalent, as many share excitement about trending technologies or take it upon themselves to caution against the imminence of disruption to the status quo. Either way, whether trends call for improving website experiences, revamping content marketing strategies, or boosting automation tools, everything seems to point to a single guiding phrase: “be relevant.”

With this in mind, our team has built a jam-packed week of breakout sessions and keynotes for our Coveo community event of the year, Coveo Impact. The theme, Relevance Rising, speaks to our goal of moving beyond buzzwords and mapping the road to implementation.

Convening in San Francisco from May 22 to 24, our community will be exchanging success stories and learning about best practices on relevance transformation.

If any of these following seven reasons resonate with you, you know what to do – register today!

1. Get the skills to bring your ideas to life with in-depth learning. While our account executives and customer success managers may be a phone call or email away, nothing beats the traditional in-person training led by Coveo’s best-in-class practitioners, including two days of workshops preceding the official start of the event. It’s the perfect opportunity to learn from fellow cohorts and experts, and to hone your knowledge and skills to lead your own relevance transformation. We’re building a comprehensive line-up of speakers for more than 30 sessions. Here’s an overview of the agenda.

2. Grow your network. The magic of conferences is in the people who participate. Dubbed as the true meeting of the minds, Coveo Impact offers numerous networking opportunities to connect with like-minded professionals.

“I thought the size of the event lended itself to intimacy. You were able to get to know the community,” one of our attendees from last year explained. Another described Impact as having a “family vibe.”

Get ready to meet and interact with inspiring people and build valuable professional connections!

3. Meet industry leaders who are changing the game. Industry leaders will be within arm’s reach at the event, which provides a convenient environment to connect and pick their brains on how they are leading a relevance transformation at their organization.  In attendance last year were executives from AECOM, Dell, Palo Alto Networks, and Xero to name a few.

A big topic among these leaders is innovation, especially at breakout sessions. Sitecore MVP Deepthi Katta attendeed Coveo Impact last year. “Sessions were bursting a full of innovation and of course, though this is an expected outcome from every conference out there, only few can actually portray it right. Coveo did it and I could not have asked for more,” she said in a blog post about last year’s event.

4. Participate in our legendary “Relevance Challenge.” We’ve made a few tweaks to our relevance challenge to make it even more exciting – and open to any Coveo user, not just developers! BYOTc: Bring your own thinking-cap and get ready to stretch the boundaries of what’s possible with Coveo.

5. Meet with our experts anytime at “Ask Me Anything” booth. From your most technical questions to basic business operations queries, there is no limit to what Coveo’s relevance experts can answer. Our “Ask Me Anything” booth is designed to connect people, ideas and information. Come by the booth to chat about anything but especially the lessons-learned and thoughts on making the relevance revolution a reality!

6. Get your next big idea at our Innovation Showcase. Get ready to see the bleeding edge of relevance technology at our Innovation Showcase. We’ll share our latest and greatest innovations in an expo running throughout the conference. Be prepared to be inspired!

7. Gain the skills and ideas to move forward in your relevance journey. Where are you in your relevance journey? What do you need to do to move forward? You’ll get the answers to both questions at Coveo Impact 2019. Go home with the skills, ideas and concrete next steps to lead your relevance transformation – and accomplish you big goals for 2019.

Find out more about your relevance journey by watching our Coveo Relevance Maturity Model explainer video.

Coveo Impact is for those who are leading relevance transformations to have the time, space and community to collaborate, learn and bring ideas to life.  

Ready to get started? Find out more information about Coveo Impact and register today!

About Suzie Kim

Suzie Kim is a content marketer at Coveo. With a keen interest in technology, innovation and society, and a background in B2B marketing communications, she writes compelling stories that forge connections between ideas and people. Suzie lives in Montreal.

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