Intelligent Swarming is a new framework to enable the support organization to collaborate on resolving requests by matching the request to the person most likely to resolve it.

For January’s KCS Roundtable topic, I thought it would be a great idea to start the New Year with a new topic. I have been a certified trainer for KCS v6 Practice, and last fall, I was certified as a Trainer for Intelligent Swarming, which is another framework within Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS®)* methodology. 

Intelligent Swarming provides a collaborative framework within the KCS methodology. KCS focuses more on content and Intelligent Swarming compliments it by focusing on people. There are 4 objectives to Intelligent Swarming:

  1. Perform skill assessment and utilization
  2. Optimize people’s ability to contribute (create value)
  3. Increase engagement and loyalty for your customers and your employees
  4. Improve customer success and realized value through improved problem solving

A goal of Intelligent Swarming is to enable collaboration. Humans are naturally collaborative people will find ways to collaborate together. So despite hierarchies and escalation models, they will find a way to work together.

A second goal is to improve relevancy, by understanding the customer who raised the issue, the situation, and the responder.

In Intelligent Swarming there isn’t a linear Level 1, 2 or 3 of escalation, the support organization collaborates together on resolving requests. Because of that, Intelligent Swarming makes sense by matching the request to the first person most likely able to resolve it and that person owns the request until it is resolved. 

Furthermore, to facilitate collaboration, and continuous improvement, the people profiles are a significant part of the Intelligent Swarming framework because it provides a good indicator to know who to collaborate with and who to go-to for a certain request.

No matter where you are on your KCS journey, you can find value in Intelligent Swarming. If you want to discuss other KCS related topics, attend live our monthly KCS Roundtable and contribute to our growing community, please register here.

See you at our next KCS Roundtable!

*KCS® is a service mark of the Consortium for Service Innovation™

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