I had a positive experience with Coveo straight from the beginning of the interview process. My situation slightly differed from the norm; at the time, I was finishing up a student exchange program in Scotland, and was scheduled to move back to Canada within the span of a few weeks. Taking into account my situation, Coveo was very accommodating. They were flexible when it came to scheduling and calls were made according to my time zone. Interviews ran smoothly, were scheduled on-time and were carried out in a friendly manner. Coveo was definitely not the kind of company to try and intimidate candidates, and this allowed me to be myself during the interview process. About two weeks into the interviewing process I was officially hired as a Marketing Intern (the process went by pretty quickly!), and looking back to that faithful day, I have learned and grown so much since. So let’s get down to business and go over just a few of the many reasons why interning at Coveo was such a great experience for me.

They had a Plan for Me

Some companies will throw interns into the marketing department with no goals, direction, proper management or training. As a result, interns can end up doing repetitive work each day, or completing work that isn’t too meaningful. This definitely was not the case with Coveo. Upon hiring me, Coveo had a whole plan set out for me of what I’d do, who I’d work with, and how I’d grow professionally within the company. Following my training, the work given to me was always interesting, diverse and meaningful.

As an intern, your number one goal should be to learn as much as you can during your time with the company – to work with others, absorb information, and become exponentially better at what you do. By having a plan for me and assigning me meaningful work to complete with different people within the company, Coveo really did make that possible. Looking back to the beginning of my internship, I know so much more than I did before I joined and this serves as a confirmation that I made the right choice in choosing what company to work for.

Questions were always welcome

As an intern, it’s normal to feel nervous in a new environment. Certain work environments discourage interns from asking questions by not being welcoming enough, or by not taking the time to be patient when questions are asked. However, from the get-go with Coveo, everyone was extremely patient with me, no matter how simple or complex my questions were. This allowed me to learn a lot in a very short period of time. When you’re an intern, it’s so important to be placed into an environment with open-minded, patient coworkers. This was definitely the case for me at Coveo. I was always encouraged to ask questions, and this was where the majority of my learning took place during my internship.

They always made an effort to look out for my best interests

At the end of the day, there’s more to an internship than just working for a new company. Starting an internship means you’ll be working with new people, new software, new programs, processes, all in a new environment that you may not completely be comfortable with. With that being said, it’s important that the people you work with show a general interest in your well-being. Throughout my entire internship with Coveo, I always had the feeling that I was in good hands. My coworkers would check up on me frequently, and would check in to make sure everything was going well with any projects I was assigned to. It felt good to know that my coworkers always had my back.

Final Verdict: A Great Experience.

I have a lot of friends who have come out of internships having not learned as much as they would have hoped. However, at Coveo, I got the full experience: they had a whole plan drawn out for my professional development, they constantly urged me to ask questions, and they always checked in to make sure I was happy with my job. I’m happy to also state that I will be staying with the company beyond my internship to grow and learn even more.

If you’re looking for a great internship opportunity, I’d strongly encourage you to check Coveo’s website out, even if you don’t have experience in the tech industry yet. I’m a strong believer that as an intern, it’s not solely your prior knowledge of a particular industry or your experience that will determine how effective you will be, it’s the training you receive from the company and the effort that they put into you that will determine how well you do. And the reality is: Coveo puts a ton of effort into all of their employees, no matter how junior or senior they may be.

About Sarah Mancini

Sarah occupies the position of Marketing Intern at Coveo. Based in Coveo’s newly-opened Montreal office, Sarah specializes in creating and executing social media strategies, preparing accompanying digital graphics and analyzing results to continuously improve social media campaigns. Her love for technology knows no bounds, and ensures that she is always kept up to date with new digital trends within the marketing atmosphere.

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